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The application procedure at MUN is a necessary step that you need to complete in order for us to assign you a country and committee according to your own preferences. In that application, we will ask you to explain your motivation so that we can get to know you better and understand the reasons for your application. Please be aware, the registration form’s server does not safe any drafts. So you’ll have to finish the application process in one go.

There are two possible application/registration forms: One for delegates and one for chairs. You’ll find further information in the following sections.

If you are a teacher and would like to accompany a delegation, please email us directly, quoting the group Tag.

Click the button on the right to find an overview of all available countries and committees at our conference. We will keep this document updated as the countries are assigned.

Application as Delegate

In MUN, a delegate is a participant who represents a specific country or organization and engages in simulated diplomacy to resolve global issues. The delegate is responsible for researching and preparing for the conference and speaking, negotiating, and advocating for their assigned country or organization during committee sessions. The delegate must work collaboratively with other delegates to create resolutions and solve global issues while being well-versed in parliamentary procedure, international law, and current events. The delegate’s role is to represent their assigned country or organization and work towards achieving global peace and stability.

There will be a small participant fee of 25€ that covers lunch, drinks and snacks, the academic programme and the social event on thursday. If you have financial bottlenecks, please reach out to us and we find a solution for you.

Note: You don’t have previous experience? Don’t worry! There’s always a first time! And we will offer a workshops to all the delegates in order to familiarize you with the MUN rules and procedures.

Application as Chair (closed)

In MUN, a chair is a person who presides over a committee and guides the debate and discussion during the conference. The chair maintains order, ensures adherence to parliamentary procedure and conference rules, and facilitates discussion to allow all delegates to express their views. The chair is expected to remain neutral and unbiased throughout the conference and may also be responsible for drafting a resolution or report based on the committee’s decisions. The chair’s role is to provide leadership and guidance to the committee, ensuring that the conference runs smoothly and productively.

Note: You can apply for this position with no previous MUN experience, though it is highly desirable.


If you have any questions or problems with the registration/application, please feel free to contact our participant management team at